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Join the Sweet Team: Scoop Up an Exciting Opportunity at Eiffel Waffle!

Ready to sweeten up your career? Look no further! We're thrilled to invite passionate individuals to join the vibrant team at Eiffel Waffle. If you have a passion for creating delightful experiences and love the idea of crafting mouthwatering bubble waffle ice cream treats, we want to hear from you! Explore the delicious world of opportunities with us and become an essential part of our sweet journey. Apply now and be a key ingredient in bringing joy to every scoop!


Childhood friends Omar and Barra, who shared a vision from their early years, aimed to revolutionize the world of ice cream. While ice cream was readily available, their dream was to establish a unique dessert haven—a comprehensive, one-stop shop that perfectly complements their delectable and creamy ice cream creations.

When it comes to hiring our amazing staff, we opt for friendly and welcoming service. We don’t just hire staff, we are adding to our family. Between our 6 locations, and the upcoming new franchise locations, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service while taking good care of our team.

The Dynamic Duo & The Friendly Staff